Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Savella wait and see

A non child related post:
Today marks day number 1 of the very expensive new "miracle " drug that is going to cure me Ha again I say HaHaHa.  While reading the lovely little print out I found out I may start sweating uncontrollably so watch out world here comes stinky!! This is the third so called holy grail medicine that I've tried so needless to say from past experience my hopes aren't up. But on the other hand the head jerking and numb face can stop anytime. Now I just need to convince my self to stop googling Savella because the mix of total horror stories and the delusional reviews claiming this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread is kind of freaking me out. Not to mention the yellow sticker yelling at me that my bottle of perfectly scrumptious wine has to be put on the shelf. Here's  to crossing fingers that I don't smell like dirty gym clothes and that my heart doesn't explode from my chest and maybe I get a bit of relief so I can snuggle little man with out cringing in pain.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


So I have a lot of catch up to do with this blog vacations, funny random stuff ect... But this is too good not to share and I don't want to forget this. 
So Quinn is basically for all intensive purpose potty trained! Yesterday on the way home from the store he announces that he has to PEEEEE. We are on the highway maybe 5 minutes from home with no where to really stop so I told him he would have to wait. Well no such luck a whopping 2 minutes later there is a little voice from the back seat "mommy I pee in my pants" ok not a big deal my fault... Hauled him inside to get him cleaned up striped him down in his bed room asked him if he needed the potty, he promptly said NO! I turned around to get clothes of the dresser when I turned around he is still standing there but he is now PEEING on my eff'n floor!!! The fury spread across my face and I yelled WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! Best response ever comes out of this kids mouth... Mommy me write my name! As he smiles up at me with the proudest look possible I audibly bust a gut while failing to hold onto my pissed mom face. So my child who can't write his name with a pencil thinks he can with his weee! So this is a wanted post whoever taught him this I am looking for you, my likely suspects include 3 grandfathers....

Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Away

We have a real vacation on the books and I can't wait!! A few days with my tush in the sand is long overdue! This time we are going just the 3 of us so it will be a quiet trip no big plans no rushing just chilling out trying not to get too lobster fried on the beach. To make the trip a bit easier I decided we would fly, now I'm rethinking this whole idea but too late now the tickets are purchased. So here's the list of things I'm currently a bit mental about since I have only flown once before and my husband and son have never been near an airport...

Packing... What to take what not to take, I have a freaking toddler to take with all his stuff and I plan to do this in carry on baggage only. I may officially be nuts!!

Security... Not at all worried about my son here. I figure I can make up a really cool story about the x-Ray machine being anything closely related to super Hero and he will gladly step in raise his arms and trot out the other side. My husband on the other hand scares me, he's the type to become belligerent for  no reason piss off the security guards and then we will end up security hell for who knows how long. I just keep having flash backs of the verizon store incident, he just has no clue when to shut up.

The actual flight... Again I'm flying with a 2 year old on a flight where we are split up so dad is like 4 rows ahead. I see this is going to be a problem, because I can guarantee half way through the flight he will be screaming for him like the call of wild and scrambling over and under anything or one in his way to get to his precious daddy. My only solace is called Benadryl, and I will officially be a bad parent but I'm not sure I care. 

Car rental... Planning on renting a child seat and honestly a bit worried that it will not be adequate. I have pretty high standards for road travel I just don't trust that this is going to be ok.

The short layover I'm not sure if I'm worried or blessed with, I have no idea what the Atlanta airport is like so it will be a surprise. 

Things I know that are going to be awesome... our rental house is super cute! The beach! Seashells! Long walks! Lazy days! Fresh seafood! Scrimps! Letting little man chase seagulls! Sand castles!  Did I say seashells??   

Sunday, August 10, 2014


We welcomed my nephew into the world this weekend and boy was it eventful! Little dude started to make an entrance Friday afternoon and didn't make his first showing till Sunday morning! He had a rough start since he came sunny side up with the cord around neck. he is currently resting in the nicu till he is breathing a bit easier. Since he is being observed no one has really had a chance to spend much time with him and introductions to his siblings and cousins are on hold. 
I decided to show Quinn a picture of his new cousin since he has been pretty anxious to find out what was in his aunts belly. I made sure that the picture I showed him was before all of the medical interventions so no scary tubes or oxygen mask. And to my surprise he was a bit freaked out by the sight of the baby... After a bit of prodding he explained that the baby had a big boo boo on his belly. This lead to much discussion on umbical cords and our first session of endless toddler questions. 

Do all babies have ropes on their bellies
Where is my rope
Where is your rope
Where do they go
You cut it
It falls off
Why is it black
Why is it white
It hurts
Where does it tie
For the hundredth time where is my rope
Has the baby pooped?!?!?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh my.....

So this is what you get when you leave your child with a bunch of girls for an afternoon "an epic dress up session"
It starts as a big floppy bow

Learning styling techniques 

Some blue Mimi esque eyeshadow and a  frilly pink tutu dress. It's pretty classy, and check out those legs!!!

The constant stream of photos defiantly made a long work day a bit more enjoyable!

Monday, July 7, 2014


1. After 2.5 years my child has his own bed and is sleeping in it regularly! I know I'm supposed to happy about this and sleeping better but honestly I hate it. I miss my snuggle time and spend the whole night listening for him.

2. Toddler imagination never ceases to amaze me!! My little guy thinks he is magical and makes fireworks, he takes his stance punches into the sky a screams pow just as they burst. Sweetest thing ever and at the end when everyone claps he thinks they are clapping for him. I guess I have a little Harry Potter!

3. Need to invest in hotel locks for the doors!! Knob covers have been completely figured out and are too easily taken off. Really tired of chasing the dog down the street because just about every chance he gets they are escaping. Maybe not Harry Potter but Houdini, either way he's kind of magical! 

4. If you don't want it stolen and hid in the most obscure place you should keep it on your person!!! The boy child seems to know the things that you need the most and very swiftly relocates them to the ends of the earth.... A quick list:

Will's work keys- a bucket full of car toys
A piece from his bed- behind the toliet
Screws for his bed- down the register vent
Full roll of toliet paper- successfully shoved and flushed!

And that list is from a 24 hour period. Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling as a an integration officer and dectective! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pink piggies and general silliness

So here is a short run down of some silliness: 

Grandpa gave everyone a big scare earlier this week and decided to have a heart attack!! Though it was a terribly traumatic event for the adults, it was Quinn's first time visiting a hospital and dear lord was it a fascinating place for a small person! Some great toddler moments:

Papa is an O'bot!!!! ( papa was hooked up to all kinds of beeping flashing monitors that he was fairly convinced were Robots)

Screaming at the top of his lungs Look mama more O'bots while walking down the hallways

Pushing the call button in the public restroom while I wasn't looking and having a nurse bust in while I was on the toliet.

Well I'm happy to report that papa is doing great and is at home resting, so on to our next event:

Cousin Laura added a new baby boy to our family the same day grandpa scared the crap out of us. The next day we decided to take grandma to meet the little dude, and of course thanks to my child the hilarity ensued: 

Look Quinn this is baby max he's very small and very cute would you like a baby? No ( which lead to general disinterest and more searching for O'bots) the disinterest continued until the kid needed his pants changed.... Quinn pushed up a chair up so he could watch and of course the baby wasn't done going and shot out some more poo during the change. Quinn got full view of the whole thing and you'd swear it was the highlight of his year from the look on his face. Now everyone that ask him about the baby gets a very interesting response to a question that they think they know the answer too. 

My grandma : Quinn what did you think of the baby? Do you want one?
Q: No, baby POOPED!!! With the most excited look ever
My grandma: Oh that's nice

Last but not least, Quinn's best friends are 3 teenaged girls who though they like to get dirty are still very girly! During one of our typical hang outs they were painting nails and guess who just had to join in!! He got to pick any color of the rainbo and after much deliberation came across the brightest pink and a bottle of blue sparkels for his piggies. Kid was damd excited to join in, he sat so still and and even waited for them to dry! My very proud little man then of course wanted to go for a walk bare foot so he could show off his pink piggies to the whole neighborhood! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sweet moments

I have the most precious child ever to grace this earth. He's so thoughtful and he knows on the days I have off that I have to have my cup of coffee before I'll play so he brought me coffee in bed. Albeit the tinest cup I have ever had still the sweetest, even though it was litteraly shoved down my throat till I choked a bit. All I know is that a toddler with an ulterior motive is dangerous. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


I swear I really didn't mean to do this but it happened... My child officially knows his first dirty phrase. The phrase he decided to pick up and repeate constantly "hooker bath", as in mom is to lazy to fill the tub so your getting wiped down with a rag. I suppose it could be worse, but still not very proud of this. So Quinn has been running all over the neighborhood telling everyone he takes a Ho-bath. I will admit I'm glad to find out most people have a decent sense of humor.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Germ Mules

Well I came home to a sick baby today. He has a fever of almost 103 and claims his tummy hurts. Not sure that his tummy actually hurts or if it was the first body part he thought of but, heh I'll go with it for now. So the upsides of a sick child, unlimited snuggles and cartoons! The downside, the snuggles... My child is a germ mule who still insist on putting everything in his mouth including me. Here we go again we will pass this lovely gift around to everyone one we come in contact with and will be forced into holing up like hermits. 
So here's to my beloved snuggle time that I cherish probably too much because he's growing up to quick. I guess we will be canceling our weekend trip to the water park for the third week in a row. I am convinced that eventually there will be a full weekend that all 3 of us are well enough to do something!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where things go to die

Today was pretty awesome, soon as the storm ended we played at the neighbors, and 6 kids ran a muck and jumped in puddles. Quinn was the first to peter out and he decided it was time for shoes and good byes grabed my hand and tore me away from hanging out with the my new moms group. Three women makes a group right? We actually got Quinn right into the bath without too much fuss then right to bed. Sounds great right... Well let's not get ahead of ourselves!
My phone is my alarm clock so pretty important in my opinion, reached down to plug in my completely dead phone and my charger is gone!!! Ripped apart the whole house woke up Quinn to ask him where he took it. His response:
Q: I hide
Me: where
Q: behind
Me: Behind where?
Q: My knee, my arm, my foot

Well needless to say my best effort at toddle interagation was a total fail! So thanks grandma for letting my child haul my stuff off to the place where all things go to die. One middle of the night trip to the store $20 bucks for something I didn't need and back in bed before 11:30. Hopefully everyone sleeps through the night because I'm super pooped!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daily happenings

So I have been MIA for awhile and for what I consider a good reason. A 103 degree fever as an adult for days on end is no freaking joke!! Well it's been over a week since my fever broke and I still can't hear a damd thing but oh well no body parts have fallen off and I've lost 5lbs (considering the 5lbs as a serious score!).
All whining aside a lot has happened since I holed up like a crazy person. I became an Auntie to a beautiful little girl named Violet!! A bit bummed that she lives in China so no snuggles but really appreciating all the photos and updates. Quinn is most excited about the new addition he has been walking around with my phone trolling for pictures of "HIS BABY!!" And then wonders off to find his glow worm to kiss hug feed and put to bed. 
Second thing that's happened which is also something to be celebrated SPRING has arrived, warm weather, tulips, green grass, trees with leaves, back yard grilling with the neighbors! I am so thankful for all of these things. And thanks to the social butterflies which are my husband and child we are now friends with the family a few doors down. Well I think we are... Quinn has decided to invade their backyard and has claimed the sand box as his. So sorry to these poor people because it looks like your stuck with us!
We also received a gift from Quinn and my most favorite trouble making dog... We now are the proud owners of a screen door that has a toddler escape hatch. It started off as a tiny hole then Quinn picked at a bit, then Ella saw a bunny and decided to make a break for it and jumped through the 2.5" hole making it a toddler sized hole. Well of course Quinn saw this new development in action and decided he would follow suite and chase the dog that was chasing the bunny. We are now on constant watch for escape artist, as I am to cheap to close the door and turn on the air. 
That pretty much sums up the big things, as much of the details have been lost to a constant haze of cold medicine and fever.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I am dubbing this the week of the zombie! The little man is getting his molars and has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming like an idiot. I feel terrible for him but if I don't get some sleep soon there are going to be problems... Long work hours and no sleep have me feeling like a wreck so I tried to talk my mom into letting him sleep over for the first time. She caught on so no luck there

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs

While Quinn was sick I needed some activities other than watching cartons 24/7 so I decided $5 dollar store paper mâché creations were just what the doctor ordered. This seemed like a really good idea, nothing like letting the toddler glue tissue paper to his face. Our first projects turned out great, a super cute Easter basket and a hat!

Unfourtantly my husband thought this was really cute too and amazed at my preschool level flare for art. The conversation went like this:

Will: that's really cool 
Me: yep 
Will: could you make two halfs and put them together to make a big egg??
Me: I can do one better I can make an egg in one piece!
Will: you should make a bunch and fill them for the kids
Me: ya that sounds like fun!

Do you see the problem here?? Well I started my little project. As all projects do it started out fine and then I got impatient with the drying process. I decided to put the little buggers in the oven on low. Dumbest moment of the season by far, totally forgot the science lesson that when air heats up it expands especially when in a balloon traped in a warm oven! The damd thing shredded and I got to start from scratch! I was up till 3am scrambling to get them ready in time for the Easter Bunny.

Well despit my stupidity they ended up turning out great and the kids really did love them.

so here is the how to make them part:

Water down school glue
Cut strips of tissue paper
Paint an area of the ballon with the goop
Stick paper on
paint goop over top, put more paper on in layers all over the balloon
Repeate a few hundred times  
If you want to fill the egg leave a hole that you will patch latter
Let it dry all the way
Pop the balloon
Fill with goodies
Patch the hole
Got crafty and put the kids names on them so they wouldn't fight over them.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cute and fluffy

We went to see the Easter Bunny today! I spent hours trolling FB and the web for the best bunny in town and finally decided on the mall bunny. I really thought it was going to be a rerun of the scary Santa visit so we talked about the bunny the whole way to the mall. By the time we got there I had him super stoked to see the cute giant bunny, and thoroughly petrified to let go of my hand because the "cute bunny" was at the big mall. To my surprise he behaved like the perfect child of my dreams! Well it turns out that he's lucky he decided to behave because that goofy right of passage cost me an arm and a leg!! To sit on the Easter  Bunny's lap for 10 seconds and a mediocre 4x6 photo cost me $22.00. Let's face it I got raped by the Bunny, totally bent over and took one for the "good parents team"....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Super MOM!

This was a few weeks ago but so worth sharing. I was getting ready for work and putting on what I consider make up (powder foundation) and Quinn is standing in the bathroom doorway looking at me quite intently. He finally perked up and said "Mama Mama (my name only works when said twice) paint me face." You clearly cant say no to a request like that so I plopped his little butt up on the counter and proceeded to paint his face. He seemed pretty satisfied with having the make up brush plopped on his nose twice so I put him back down and he looked up at me and took his strong man pose put both arms out in front of him and screamed at the to of his lungs ZOOOOM ZOOOOOM and he took off like superman. This can mean only one thing my child thinks every morning I take my shower and put on my make up mask to go fight crime, clearly my child thinks I'm a super hero!!!