Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daily happenings

So I have been MIA for awhile and for what I consider a good reason. A 103 degree fever as an adult for days on end is no freaking joke!! Well it's been over a week since my fever broke and I still can't hear a damd thing but oh well no body parts have fallen off and I've lost 5lbs (considering the 5lbs as a serious score!).
All whining aside a lot has happened since I holed up like a crazy person. I became an Auntie to a beautiful little girl named Violet!! A bit bummed that she lives in China so no snuggles but really appreciating all the photos and updates. Quinn is most excited about the new addition he has been walking around with my phone trolling for pictures of "HIS BABY!!" And then wonders off to find his glow worm to kiss hug feed and put to bed. 
Second thing that's happened which is also something to be celebrated SPRING has arrived, warm weather, tulips, green grass, trees with leaves, back yard grilling with the neighbors! I am so thankful for all of these things. And thanks to the social butterflies which are my husband and child we are now friends with the family a few doors down. Well I think we are... Quinn has decided to invade their backyard and has claimed the sand box as his. So sorry to these poor people because it looks like your stuck with us!
We also received a gift from Quinn and my most favorite trouble making dog... We now are the proud owners of a screen door that has a toddler escape hatch. It started off as a tiny hole then Quinn picked at a bit, then Ella saw a bunny and decided to make a break for it and jumped through the 2.5" hole making it a toddler sized hole. Well of course Quinn saw this new development in action and decided he would follow suite and chase the dog that was chasing the bunny. We are now on constant watch for escape artist, as I am to cheap to close the door and turn on the air. 
That pretty much sums up the big things, as much of the details have been lost to a constant haze of cold medicine and fever.

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