The Mama:

I am starting my own little place on the internet to document a whole lot of silliness. I am the Mom of a tiny terror who works full time and yet tries to be as awesome as possible however; epic failures are kind of my thing. I work for a builder so I spend my days babysitting a bunch of full grown men and when I come home I chase a 2 year old around at top speed till he crashes. The top speed part has been a bit of a problem of late, I have Fibromyalgia so here enters the many epic failures.

My husband and I have taken the whole parenting thing one step at a time. We’re not the type to read into all the hype and parenting fads we have just done what has felt right. What that boils down to is we have had a family bed from day 1, Quinn is vaccinated, we do not spank (well it has happened but we try), I breast fed for a while but because of medications being a necessity that ended sooner than I would have liked, and we cloth diapered.

The Tiny Terror:

Quinn (aka. Little Man, The Tiny Terror, or Sir Quinn Poopy Pants) is probably the most energetic, inquisitive, and imaginative two year old I have ever met. He spends his days having all kinds of adventures, all while being spoiled by his grandparents and great grandparents while I work. In the evenings I think it is his sole mission in life to create disaster, disorder, and giggles.  His grandparents swear he’s a perfect angel all day, but come on I wasn’t dropped on my head that many times….


I’m really excited to give this whole blogging thing a try, but this will more than likely be done on the fly. If you can handle my poor grammar and terribly fragmented thoughts I’m happy to have you along on my adventures.

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