Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Super MOM!

This was a few weeks ago but so worth sharing. I was getting ready for work and putting on what I consider make up (powder foundation) and Quinn is standing in the bathroom doorway looking at me quite intently. He finally perked up and said "Mama Mama (my name only works when said twice) paint me face." You clearly cant say no to a request like that so I plopped his little butt up on the counter and proceeded to paint his face. He seemed pretty satisfied with having the make up brush plopped on his nose twice so I put him back down and he looked up at me and took his strong man pose put both arms out in front of him and screamed at the to of his lungs ZOOOOM ZOOOOOM and he took off like superman. This can mean only one thing my child thinks every morning I take my shower and put on my make up mask to go fight crime, clearly my child thinks I'm a super hero!!!

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