Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Germ Mules

Well I came home to a sick baby today. He has a fever of almost 103 and claims his tummy hurts. Not sure that his tummy actually hurts or if it was the first body part he thought of but, heh I'll go with it for now. So the upsides of a sick child, unlimited snuggles and cartoons! The downside, the snuggles... My child is a germ mule who still insist on putting everything in his mouth including me. Here we go again we will pass this lovely gift around to everyone one we come in contact with and will be forced into holing up like hermits. 
So here's to my beloved snuggle time that I cherish probably too much because he's growing up to quick. I guess we will be canceling our weekend trip to the water park for the third week in a row. I am convinced that eventually there will be a full weekend that all 3 of us are well enough to do something!

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