Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Away

We have a real vacation on the books and I can't wait!! A few days with my tush in the sand is long overdue! This time we are going just the 3 of us so it will be a quiet trip no big plans no rushing just chilling out trying not to get too lobster fried on the beach. To make the trip a bit easier I decided we would fly, now I'm rethinking this whole idea but too late now the tickets are purchased. So here's the list of things I'm currently a bit mental about since I have only flown once before and my husband and son have never been near an airport...

Packing... What to take what not to take, I have a freaking toddler to take with all his stuff and I plan to do this in carry on baggage only. I may officially be nuts!!

Security... Not at all worried about my son here. I figure I can make up a really cool story about the x-Ray machine being anything closely related to super Hero and he will gladly step in raise his arms and trot out the other side. My husband on the other hand scares me, he's the type to become belligerent for  no reason piss off the security guards and then we will end up security hell for who knows how long. I just keep having flash backs of the verizon store incident, he just has no clue when to shut up.

The actual flight... Again I'm flying with a 2 year old on a flight where we are split up so dad is like 4 rows ahead. I see this is going to be a problem, because I can guarantee half way through the flight he will be screaming for him like the call of wild and scrambling over and under anything or one in his way to get to his precious daddy. My only solace is called Benadryl, and I will officially be a bad parent but I'm not sure I care. 

Car rental... Planning on renting a child seat and honestly a bit worried that it will not be adequate. I have pretty high standards for road travel I just don't trust that this is going to be ok.

The short layover I'm not sure if I'm worried or blessed with, I have no idea what the Atlanta airport is like so it will be a surprise. 

Things I know that are going to be awesome... our rental house is super cute! The beach! Seashells! Long walks! Lazy days! Fresh seafood! Scrimps! Letting little man chase seagulls! Sand castles!  Did I say seashells??   

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