Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where things go to die

Today was pretty awesome, soon as the storm ended we played at the neighbors, and 6 kids ran a muck and jumped in puddles. Quinn was the first to peter out and he decided it was time for shoes and good byes grabed my hand and tore me away from hanging out with the my new moms group. Three women makes a group right? We actually got Quinn right into the bath without too much fuss then right to bed. Sounds great right... Well let's not get ahead of ourselves!
My phone is my alarm clock so pretty important in my opinion, reached down to plug in my completely dead phone and my charger is gone!!! Ripped apart the whole house woke up Quinn to ask him where he took it. His response:
Q: I hide
Me: where
Q: behind
Me: Behind where?
Q: My knee, my arm, my foot

Well needless to say my best effort at toddle interagation was a total fail! So thanks grandma for letting my child haul my stuff off to the place where all things go to die. One middle of the night trip to the store $20 bucks for something I didn't need and back in bed before 11:30. Hopefully everyone sleeps through the night because I'm super pooped!

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