Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pink piggies and general silliness

So here is a short run down of some silliness: 

Grandpa gave everyone a big scare earlier this week and decided to have a heart attack!! Though it was a terribly traumatic event for the adults, it was Quinn's first time visiting a hospital and dear lord was it a fascinating place for a small person! Some great toddler moments:

Papa is an O'bot!!!! ( papa was hooked up to all kinds of beeping flashing monitors that he was fairly convinced were Robots)

Screaming at the top of his lungs Look mama more O'bots while walking down the hallways

Pushing the call button in the public restroom while I wasn't looking and having a nurse bust in while I was on the toliet.

Well I'm happy to report that papa is doing great and is at home resting, so on to our next event:

Cousin Laura added a new baby boy to our family the same day grandpa scared the crap out of us. The next day we decided to take grandma to meet the little dude, and of course thanks to my child the hilarity ensued: 

Look Quinn this is baby max he's very small and very cute would you like a baby? No ( which lead to general disinterest and more searching for O'bots) the disinterest continued until the kid needed his pants changed.... Quinn pushed up a chair up so he could watch and of course the baby wasn't done going and shot out some more poo during the change. Quinn got full view of the whole thing and you'd swear it was the highlight of his year from the look on his face. Now everyone that ask him about the baby gets a very interesting response to a question that they think they know the answer too. 

My grandma : Quinn what did you think of the baby? Do you want one?
Q: No, baby POOPED!!! With the most excited look ever
My grandma: Oh that's nice

Last but not least, Quinn's best friends are 3 teenaged girls who though they like to get dirty are still very girly! During one of our typical hang outs they were painting nails and guess who just had to join in!! He got to pick any color of the rainbo and after much deliberation came across the brightest pink and a bottle of blue sparkels for his piggies. Kid was damd excited to join in, he sat so still and and even waited for them to dry! My very proud little man then of course wanted to go for a walk bare foot so he could show off his pink piggies to the whole neighborhood! 

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