Monday, July 7, 2014


1. After 2.5 years my child has his own bed and is sleeping in it regularly! I know I'm supposed to happy about this and sleeping better but honestly I hate it. I miss my snuggle time and spend the whole night listening for him.

2. Toddler imagination never ceases to amaze me!! My little guy thinks he is magical and makes fireworks, he takes his stance punches into the sky a screams pow just as they burst. Sweetest thing ever and at the end when everyone claps he thinks they are clapping for him. I guess I have a little Harry Potter!

3. Need to invest in hotel locks for the doors!! Knob covers have been completely figured out and are too easily taken off. Really tired of chasing the dog down the street because just about every chance he gets they are escaping. Maybe not Harry Potter but Houdini, either way he's kind of magical! 

4. If you don't want it stolen and hid in the most obscure place you should keep it on your person!!! The boy child seems to know the things that you need the most and very swiftly relocates them to the ends of the earth.... A quick list:

Will's work keys- a bucket full of car toys
A piece from his bed- behind the toliet
Screws for his bed- down the register vent
Full roll of toliet paper- successfully shoved and flushed!

And that list is from a 24 hour period. Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling as a an integration officer and dectective! 

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