Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs

While Quinn was sick I needed some activities other than watching cartons 24/7 so I decided $5 dollar store paper mâché creations were just what the doctor ordered. This seemed like a really good idea, nothing like letting the toddler glue tissue paper to his face. Our first projects turned out great, a super cute Easter basket and a hat!

Unfourtantly my husband thought this was really cute too and amazed at my preschool level flare for art. The conversation went like this:

Will: that's really cool 
Me: yep 
Will: could you make two halfs and put them together to make a big egg??
Me: I can do one better I can make an egg in one piece!
Will: you should make a bunch and fill them for the kids
Me: ya that sounds like fun!

Do you see the problem here?? Well I started my little project. As all projects do it started out fine and then I got impatient with the drying process. I decided to put the little buggers in the oven on low. Dumbest moment of the season by far, totally forgot the science lesson that when air heats up it expands especially when in a balloon traped in a warm oven! The damd thing shredded and I got to start from scratch! I was up till 3am scrambling to get them ready in time for the Easter Bunny.

Well despit my stupidity they ended up turning out great and the kids really did love them.

so here is the how to make them part:

Water down school glue
Cut strips of tissue paper
Paint an area of the ballon with the goop
Stick paper on
paint goop over top, put more paper on in layers all over the balloon
Repeate a few hundred times  
If you want to fill the egg leave a hole that you will patch latter
Let it dry all the way
Pop the balloon
Fill with goodies
Patch the hole
Got crafty and put the kids names on them so they wouldn't fight over them.

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