Sunday, August 10, 2014


We welcomed my nephew into the world this weekend and boy was it eventful! Little dude started to make an entrance Friday afternoon and didn't make his first showing till Sunday morning! He had a rough start since he came sunny side up with the cord around neck. he is currently resting in the nicu till he is breathing a bit easier. Since he is being observed no one has really had a chance to spend much time with him and introductions to his siblings and cousins are on hold. 
I decided to show Quinn a picture of his new cousin since he has been pretty anxious to find out what was in his aunts belly. I made sure that the picture I showed him was before all of the medical interventions so no scary tubes or oxygen mask. And to my surprise he was a bit freaked out by the sight of the baby... After a bit of prodding he explained that the baby had a big boo boo on his belly. This lead to much discussion on umbical cords and our first session of endless toddler questions. 

Do all babies have ropes on their bellies
Where is my rope
Where is your rope
Where do they go
You cut it
It falls off
Why is it black
Why is it white
It hurts
Where does it tie
For the hundredth time where is my rope
Has the baby pooped?!?!?

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