Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Savella wait and see

A non child related post:
Today marks day number 1 of the very expensive new "miracle " drug that is going to cure me Ha again I say HaHaHa.  While reading the lovely little print out I found out I may start sweating uncontrollably so watch out world here comes stinky!! This is the third so called holy grail medicine that I've tried so needless to say from past experience my hopes aren't up. But on the other hand the head jerking and numb face can stop anytime. Now I just need to convince my self to stop googling Savella because the mix of total horror stories and the delusional reviews claiming this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread is kind of freaking me out. Not to mention the yellow sticker yelling at me that my bottle of perfectly scrumptious wine has to be put on the shelf. Here's  to crossing fingers that I don't smell like dirty gym clothes and that my heart doesn't explode from my chest and maybe I get a bit of relief so I can snuggle little man with out cringing in pain.

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