Friday, April 18, 2014

Cute and fluffy

We went to see the Easter Bunny today! I spent hours trolling FB and the web for the best bunny in town and finally decided on the mall bunny. I really thought it was going to be a rerun of the scary Santa visit so we talked about the bunny the whole way to the mall. By the time we got there I had him super stoked to see the cute giant bunny, and thoroughly petrified to let go of my hand because the "cute bunny" was at the big mall. To my surprise he behaved like the perfect child of my dreams! Well it turns out that he's lucky he decided to behave because that goofy right of passage cost me an arm and a leg!! To sit on the Easter  Bunny's lap for 10 seconds and a mediocre 4x6 photo cost me $22.00. Let's face it I got raped by the Bunny, totally bent over and took one for the "good parents team"....

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