Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Halloween is clearly the superior holiday


1. No family crap I get to choose who we hang with
2. I can dress like a tramp or a bum and it's totally ok
3. The candy tax! I gave birth to you so I get all of the peanut butter cups and a handful of sugary whatevers.
4. The decorations! Dude I have a giant blow up spider and a 9' dragon in the front yard, need I say more?

5. My child is an October baby and he inherently knows how to do Halloween right! Can I say boogie man costume...

6. Little kid TV movies for Halloween rock. Since they are only on for a short time I can binge watch Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus and not have the slightest iota of remorse.
7. Fall: pretty colors, crisp air, Apple everything(don't like pumpkin so we do apples instead), sweaters, warm drinks, blankies, warm doggies in laps, and fuzzy socks.
8. No gifts = no pressure, no family bull shit, and no disappointed children
9. I get to dress up Quinn in the best costumes and play like I'm a big kid, it's the best!
10. Rocky Horror Picture Show, where everyone is invited to fly their freak flag!

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