Thursday, October 15, 2015

Choosing Joy

So I have been sitting here tonight scrolling through the 1,000 Quinn photos I have taken this past year and realized we have done some pretty amazing things with some awesome people! Sometimes I forget just how truly blessed my little family is to have such great friends and family that we get to share life with. Lately I kind of feel like 'adulting' has been harder than it needs to be, and I feel silly because clearly I'm hung up on one little moment. All I have to do is look through all these memories and see how much we have done and all the little things that have brought so much joy.

Planting feathers (he was convinced that with a bit of water and sun he could grow a bird)
 (first concert since college!!)
T ball super star he just so happened to batt lefty
Fireworks with friends even the grumpy cat in the back...

VACATION!!! Seriously this is my happy place

Butterfly house with nana and cousins. Quinn's aunt wouldn't come, she's afraid of butterflies...

Coolest museum exhibit in the history of museums! TMA Rocks

What families are made of

Us and all of our weird out in the open

This is a total photo bomb but this blog is about making myself happy and adding joy to my life and these moments are my joy. This little boy and all of the great people in our life make every minute worth it, so though I may complain and even whine about life this is really what it's all about.

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