Friday, October 9, 2015


Ok mega epic fail... So my schedule has changed and l get the pleasure of bringing little dude to his preschool classes now!! Super excited about this, it's one of the things that was making me feel like I was failing in the mom department. I finally have met his teacher and all seems right in the world. He comes to the Y three days a week and his Monday Wednesday class is the same and his Friday is math. Here I am walking him in on Friday thinking that his class is in the same room because it's the only one set up all cute. Well I just dropped him off in the wrong flippin class. No one said anything!!! So now I'm sitting here and have no idea what to do!!! Maybe it's me but don't you think the teacher would have said something like hey your kids not in this class... Oh well kinda the story of my life one fail at a time

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