Sunday, October 18, 2015

Party Like A Pirate

have this thing about birthdays ever since I can remember my birthday has been plagued with bad juju from stubbed toes, stomach flu, to forgotten 16th birthdays. This has made me a bit nuts when it comes to Quinn, I decided that this child will never know what a miserable birthday is. I will absorb whatever bad juju is thrown at me just so long as I can make his birthdays amazing till the day I die! 
Today was the big day and another awesome over the top party is in the books! I'm totally exhausted after this one. There were so many last minute things this year from balloons to cake but everyone that helped pulled through and we got it done just in time. But at the end of the day all that matters is that Quinn had the most awesome special day that this mom could dream up. 
This year the queen of theme birthdays went with pirates, because let's face it who doesn't like yelling out ARRR MATEY and quoting Jack Sparrow "Where's the rum gone?!?!". My crazy gets a bit out there, all little kid birthdays MUST have a dress up component so the theme has to be chosen wisely. If I were to let Quinn be the sole deciding factor I'd run the risk of having to dress up all the kids as Paw Patrol dogs. Don't get me wrong Paw Patrol would be cool but my mom would kill me, I come up with cockamamie ideas and she executes the overly crafty stuff. So the designer  part of my brain decided we needed a big boat, tatoo parlor, dress up, treasure, and of course a ton of balloons. The kids all had a great time and behaved like perfect little scalawags. And best of all Quinn thought it was great and just might love me even a little bit more after today.
My dad wasn't pleased but he sure did look festive
Even the goofy big kids like to play
Best big kid gift ever!

I tried to get him to wake up tonight to turn 4 years old, but in true fashion this kid feel asleep 15 minutes early and not a bomb could have got him up. I just sang happy birthday at the top of my lungs to a kid that was out cold that told me to go away while he pushed at my face. Oh well maybe I'll have better luck next year getting him to celebrate at midnight.  

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