Thursday, October 29, 2015

The crap that comes out of this kids mouth...

Decided that these post should be a weekly thing so be prepared to be inundated with some goofy kid antics.

Will went to check on Quinn during a suspiciously long poop:
Will- opens door mouth drops "what do you think your doing?!?" (Giant pile of green body wash in the middle of the rug)
Quinn: making a Ninja Turtle...
Clearly he has his priorities, primortal ooze and all.

Leaving the house for school
Me- "damd chipmunks ate my tulip bulbs"
Quinn- "must have been Theodore he eats a lot, him fat"
Yeah because we have singing rodents living in our front yard

Me getting ready for bed:
Me- put on my night shirt and slipped my bra off underneath
Quinn- MOM you took your boobs off!!!
How does one even reply to this?!?

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