Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This Parenting Thing is Hard

Duped by a busy body 4 year old. Remember the story about Quinn peeing in the dirty laundry, well it didn't stop there. Let's make a list of some of the interesting places he has urinated recently:

Pile of dirty laundry
Dog dish
Closet, all over the door
Another visit to the dog dish
Laundry basket in the middle of the night (didn't find this one for a while pee-eww) 

He is 4 and has been potty trained for 2 years! This is not normal for him, normal is peeing all over and around the toilet, but never actually in the toliet. He's a typical male no aim, he takes after his father. Feeling very frustrated started asking him all kinds of questions about why he was doing this. The big answer I got "I just can't make it in time". My husband of course starts berating him if it hurts and didn't think to use sneaky mom questions or little kid terminology so I very quickly went from a child who is just too busy to pay attention to his body to a child that was going to die. His pee hurt, his knee hurt, he had germs on his hands, a tummy ache, buggers, you name it he had it! 

Decided to play it safe and take him in to see the doctor to rule out a UTI. I don't  ever want to be the mom that lets it go too long and ends up with major problems. After a quick urinalysis found out that he has no medical problems he's just a pain in my tush. As his doctor put it just a case of the joys of having a penis. 

I love his pediatrician she's wonderful and silly with the kids and very thorough. However, I can't help but feel like that goofy hapless mom every time I take him in. It's really just me and my mom insecurities but, I just feel like they close the door and laugh at what ever I have brought him in for. Granted this last time if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have walked out of the room and laughed my ass off too after my detailed stories of where he has been peeing. Doesn't matter what we are there for fever, cold, strange rash, peeing all over the house I feel silly for wasting time bringing him in. It's typically some virus that has to run its course or the rash is just something environmental and they do nothing but reassure crazy mom that he will in fact live to see another day and send us on our way. I just remember growing up going to the doctor and always walking out the door with a tangible solution. Don't get me wrong I get the science of the hands off approach, this is purely my crazy and wanting an instant fix because I can't stand when my baby doesn't feel well.

I guess I will be tailing this kids every move for the next billion years making sure he keeps it in his pants. Really feeling like this parenting business is harder than it needs to be, for every step forward take 10 back and reevaluate. Still hopefull that this will get easier and I find a way to put my crazy on the shelf.

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