Sunday, November 8, 2015

4 Gifts, A Stocking, Family Tradition, All Sprinkled with Christmas Magic

I'm going to jump on the Christmas gift band wagon. I have seen so many post on the 4 gift Christmas list and I'm kinda digging this idea. Before everyone (mom) starts calling and accusing me of being Scrooge let's think about this. Our family may not be large but there is a lot of gifting. My child will receive gifts from us, Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, Buschia and Gaga, not to mention aunts and uncles. That's 4 Christmas's where this child will be spoiled to the ends of the earth! This is not me saying that we don't appreciate each and every Christmas, honestly I love that he is spoiled and loved so much! I just want balance.

While I'm really liking the idea of getting back to basics for Christmas I have a problem with "Something I Need". Sorry people, but if you are able to purchase gifts for your child chances are that they truly don't "need" a damd thing! Children need a home, food, essential clothing, and unconditional love, and nothing more. I have been trying to decide what to substitute for need and the one thing that I feel as a parent that I "need" to instill in my child is a love of learning. Our Christmas wish list this year will read; something I want, something to learn, something to wear, something to read. There are so many things that can fall into the something to learn category from science kits, craft supplies, art supplies, toys that teach the alphabet, music instruments, lessons for a hobby, sport, or art, seriously I could go on forever. I feel like it's my job as a parent to make sure he has a drive and passion to learn. If I can sprinkle in a little Christmas magic that makes it even better!

On another note lets talk tradition. We  have some Christmas family traditions that I'm NOT willing to give up. 
1. Stockings- growing up we had special stockings that my mom hung by the fireplace that were always filled to the brim and put under the tree. The little things are always the best especially when crammed into a special stocking! This is a family tradition and will always be apart of our morning.
2. Santas work shop gift- My best friends family has a tradition where they exchange names and make something  for that person. The amount of creativity and the silly gifts that they have come up with has always amazed me. I can't get over how much love is in each of these gifts. I loved this tradition so much that I wanted it for my family, so we modified it for young children when Quinn was born. We do a santa's work shop gift, the gift must be homemade and look like Santa and his elves made it. This homemade gift is my special magic of Christmas element. Someday when he learns that the spirit of Santa is within each one of us we will transition to the original make a gift, but for now the magic of Santa stays.

While I love the idea of simplifying Christmas I'm not willing to give up tradition. I want Quinn to grow up and pass these to his own family, and I hope that he can honestly say that he never truly needed anything. The act of simplifying is important, but so is family tradition no matter what that looks like. The family traditions that we make need to be cherished and passed down, after all spending quality memorable time with family really is what the holidays are for.

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