Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quinn's Drama Rama

This week has been a joyous experience, little dude has some kind of sinus infection and has been a total drama queen. He has had a super low grade fever on and off all week and just sporadically irrational. I will admit that I kind of enjoy when he's sick for one purely selfish reason, he lets me hold him like a baby. So no joke I've been eating up the snuggles like crazy! But no one cares that I'm becoming the Smother from the Goldberg's, let's get to the crazy irrational child-

Leaving Meijers: They have those stupid gum ball machines with toys in them at the exit. Why do these things exist?!? They are like some kind of mommy trap from hell, whoever made these things is a sadistic asshole. When I'm in these situations I always feel like there is a camera watching just waiting to watch the melt down and bad parenting. You can fill in the blanks as to how this scene played out, the good stuff happened in the car:
Quinn- most dramatic voice possible "I HATE YOU!! You ruined my life!!
Me- "Good I must be doing something right" 
(Thanks, mom for the awesome comeback. Always knew this would come in handy someday, but wish it could have waited till he was a teen)

During my much beloved sick kid snuggle time I noticed his fever was going up.
Me- "Quinn how are you feeling a little sick or bad sick?
Quinn- Most dramatic voice " I'M DYING!!!!!!!"
Clearly not on the verge of death, go big or go home. My little hypochondriac in the making.

When this child doesn't feel well the ability to listen is completely lost. Honestly I don't even remember what he was doing that had me all flustered.
Me: "Child where have your listening ears gone?"
Quinn- "Canada"
Ok let's think about this, how did they get there, and how do I have them returned? How much will the postage be in this situation? All very serious questions that needed to be mulled over.

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