Friday, December 11, 2015

Quinn Says

This kid has been feeling a bit silly and pent up lately. A bit to cold to play outside so he has been doing the equivalent of the Doxie 500 in the house running up and down the hallway screaming at the top of his lungs. Other new favorite activity emulating Curious George and literally crawling up the walls, I'm tired of yelling your going to fall and break your neck! Well let's get to the silly things falling out of his mouth.

During one of our few trips outside to hang Christmas lights he pulled the side walk chalk out since we wouldn't let him on the roof.
Quinn: hey mom look I can sharpen my chalk.
Me: that's nice you can draw a pretty picture now
Quinn: no it taste better when it's sharp
Me: ..... 

Arguing about what to watch on tv
Quinn: I want watch Scrumb Bob
Me: you mean Sponge Bob and you know you're not aloud to watch that.
Quinn: no Scrumb Bob you know he makes those people patties.

Me: what did you put in the toilet?!?
Quinn: nothing giggle giggle 
45 minutes later a glass jar of face lotion was extracted from the plumbing via coat hanger plumbing surgery and two pissed off parents. 

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